OEM Integration

ProL2TP is available to license for inclusion in your own product.

ProL2TP is developed by Katalix Systems, experts in embedded Linux. We're ready to help you integrate ProL2TP into your product. Whether you need it recompiling for your platform, customised for your application, or a source code license - contact us to discuss your requirements.

ProL2TP OEM integration diagram

The ProL2TP implementation separates the L2TP control and data planes – the data plane is handled exclusively by the Linux kernel or by custom hardware configured by a ProL2TP plugin. Flexible configuration and build options make it suitable for deployment on a wide variety of platforms, from low cost, ARM or MIPS-based consumer products to big network products used in network provider environments.

Layer-2 Tunneling

Using Ethernet pseudowires and IPSec, ProL2TP can securely bridge ethernet networks together across the Internet or other IP network.

Unlike an L2TPv2 tunnel which carries only PPP, an L2TPv3 Ethernet pseudowire can carry any Ethernet traffic - not just IP protocols. When bridged in this way the two remote Ethernet segments appear as if they were physically connected together.

ProL2TP Layer-2 tunnel diagram

L2TP Protocol Version Bridging and Tunnel Switch

ProL2TP supports tunnel switching, which allows ProL2TP to transfer data from an incoming tunnel to an outgoing tunnel.

As well as supporting the newer L2TPv3 protocol, ProL2TP retains compatibility with the older L2TPv2 standard. This means that ProL2TP is able to switch between network segments using either version.

Perhaps you have an older hardware-based solution which can't be upgraded, but represents a significant investment to replace. ProL2TP can bridge L2TPv2 tunnels from that device to your L2TPv3 tunnel destination.

ProL2TP tunnel switch diagram

ISP Network

ProL2TP can be used to connect ISP subscribers back to their ISP. PPPoE and PPPoA are commonly used protocols across "the last mile" which connects an Internet subscriber's router to their local exchange. ProL2TP includes a sophisticated access concentrator, which can accept incoming subscriber PPP connections, authenticate the connections using RADIUS, and route the connections to the ISP based on the RADIUS response.

ProL2TP can be used to replace the expensive proprietary hardware usually used for this purpose with suitably specified off-the-shelf commodity hardware. With it's plugin and management APIs, ProL2TP allows you to integrate it with your accounting and billing systems.

ProL2TP ISP diagram

VPN Server

ProL2TP can act as an enterprise VPN server, providing a secure gateway to the services available on your site network to remote sites and workers. With the rise of remote and mobile working a robust VPN solution is becoming even more important. Unsecured public Wi-Fi is the last place you want your users accessing your site network from, but with an end-to-end secured VPN you can protect your core assets.

In a diverse computing environment it's hard to predict what devices will be used to access your network. That's why it's important to pick a standards based solution rather than a proprietary offering. ProL2TP implements IETF standards for the widest possible interoperability with devices from many different vendors.

ProL2TP VPN server diagram