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  • About ProL2TP

    ProL2TP is commercial L2TP software for Linux systems that provides L2TPv2 and L2TPv3 support all in one package.

    It is designed for use in commercial network environments, from small office networks to ISP network infrastructure.

    ProL2TP is suitable for a wide range of hardware, from small consumer networking devices to dedicated networking equipment platforms and Linux PCs. It can even be licensed to include in your own products.

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  • ProL2TP OEM illustration
  • ProL2TP Ethernet bridge diagram
  • ProL2TP VPN server diagram
  • ProL2TP tunnel switch diagram
  • ProL2TP ISP diagram


Optimised for Linux

ProL2TP has been engineered with performance in mind, specifically for the Linux platform. Tunnelled protocol data takes the fastest possible path through the Linux system. More »

Highly Scalable

Designed to scale from embedded platforms all the way up to enterprise class servers, handling just a few sessions or thousands. More »


The latest release includes support for L2TP over IPv6 where support is present in the kernel. More »